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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Hot Pursuit MVA

Birmingham PD / Mountain Brook PD

Well, after today, I've decided that I need to install a dash-cam. Somehow, I seem to be where everything is happening.

First, there was a wreck on the Interstate with the car in front of me rolling three times. Then there was the wreck I saw yesterday. Today, a hot pursuit passed right in front of me!

I was sitting at the light at Crestwood and Oporto when a white SUV went airborne through the intersection. He had to be going close to 70mph. I thought he was going to roll it right there but he didn't. Turns out, he hit a truck head-on a few minutes later.

For those who don't know, the driver was allegedly the person who Vestavia chased the night before. News reports stated that he tried to run over three officers and ended up getting into a gun battle with officers before he escaped capture.

While on the run, he allegedly car jacked the white SUV used in the chase and took the car owner with him.

She was killed in the accident but, at first, no one knew she was there. Her body was found in the back of the SUV about 30 minutes after the chase ended.

It was obvious to tell the moment when the police realized what they had on their hands. The scene went from a chase/wreck investigation to a crime scene. People were scrambling and tape started going up everywhere.

You can read more details from the Birmingham News: (LINK)

Below are pictures of the aftermath. On scene were units from Birmingham PD, Mountain Brook PD, Vestavia Hills PD, Mountain Brook Fire Department and Vestavia Hills Fire Department...

This is when they realized there was something in the back...

That hurt...


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